“I’ve had many Polarity sessions with Christiana; each one unique to my needs that day, and all wonderfully gentle healing experiences.  I’ve left each session feeling balanced, relaxed, and refreshed.  I’ve also felt like I’ve learned a little more about myself and my body from each session.  I strongly recommend that everyone at least try one session and experience it for yourselves.” G.F.


“Christiana is amazing with her polarity work. She not only is professional, but very resourceful. She truly cares for her patients and has helped me tremendously with my anxiety and throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend polarity work with her.”K.P.


“I have loved working with Christiana. On the physical level, I have had headaches and backaches cleared after our sessions, which are always relaxing at a very deep level. On the emotional level, with the deep relaxation that comes from her polarity sessions has come clarity about various stressors in my life. The clarity has felt like an unwinding of my tangled insides, making ease and flow possible in all areas of my life. Thank you!” L.S.


“After cancer treatment, I had some lingering side effects. The most troubling was neuropathy (numbness) in my feet and fingertips. I came to Christiana to help regain my energy but I was pleasantly surprised to find the feeling restored to the soles of my feet and the numbness largely gone from my fingers. Polarity has helped me physically, emotionally and psychologically through some stressful times.” S.T.


“Christiana’s Polarity healing gives me a sense of profound calming, blissful, deep relaxation and release of blockages on many levels. It feels like an atunement to my higher self. Also when she did Quantum Touch healing on my very painful poison ivy rash, it immediately started to cool down and has, since her treatment yesterday, finally started to heal.” L.O.


“My Polarity treatment with Christiana at BLUESKY WELL-BEING was extremely soothing to my body, mind and spirit. It nurtured me on many levels and the effects lasted for many days. I had a deep sense of all is well in my Personal Universe.  Thanks for bringing me Home again!”  P.P.


Enzyme Nutrition 

In my first session we discussed my digestive challenges that had come up as a result of a recent exam. We decided to do the testing involved to determine which enzyme program was best for me. After only two weeks on the enzymes, I felt my energy level increase and my digestion issues were virtually gone and within a month I lost 10lbs. Another goal I had set for myself was to get off my anti depression medication. This was achieved after a couple of sessions with the support of my doctor and Christiana’s sessions. I attribute these changes to the enzyme therapy but mostly to Christiana’s polarity therapy and support. All this has changed my life so much that I have now encouraged my daughter to get polarity sessions and enzyme support as well. Thank you, Christiana!” A.S.


“When I began Polarity I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew I felt better after each session. I realized over time that my goals of having more energy and feeling more peaceful where hindered by digestion issues, nutritional imbalances, and trapped emotions. Bluesky’s holistic approach helped me work through each of those barriers and now I feel a deep sense of joy and centeredness.”K.A.




“I thoroughly enjoyed my past-life regression session. I was comfortable, relaxed, and pleasantly surprised during the hypnosis session when I thought nothing was happening, only to realize that indeed I was being guided through images and experiences that were informative and surprisingly “real” to me. I found it a great experience to learn a little more about myself and look forward to future sessions.” G.F.


Bluesky Well-Being

“I schedule polarity sessions with Christiana for two reasons- First, the space at Bluesky Well-Being is so inviting- cozy, crisp and clean, and the white faux sheepskin, so plush and welcoming underfoot. The pampering of the senses continues with soothing background music. The second reason is Christiana listens intently. She personalizes each polarity session so that you receive what you need. I’ve had many sessions with her, some for re-balancing and to recharge – treating myself to a mini getaway. Other sessions I’ve requested healing of joint pain, and yet, another session asking to gain clarity and guidance with a business decision I was grappling with. In all of these instances, the results “I” desired were achieved. Christiana’s energy is like a beacon of light, reflecting brightly for those she serves.” D.B.


“Christiana released my 13 year old son from severe migraines using Quantum Touch. We were amazed at how quickly he was freed from severe pain. I highly recommend Christiana as a practitioner in the field of energy work.” J.T.


“When I went to Christiana, I can honestly say I was completely amazed. I went for my first Polarity session with her and let her know about pain in my back, wanting more clarity, and wanting positivity in my life. After my session, I realized that the lower back pain was completely gone and I truly had more clarity which has even continued after the session. I’ve also experienced a lot more positive things in my life after the session with Christiana. Since then, I constantly looked forward to having more Polarity work done. Christiana’s work is very profound and I’m sincerely looking forward to coming back for more sessions in the future.” H.S.


“I tried Polarity therapy when I had tried everything else to alleviate months of anxiety. I didn’t know what to expect but I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Christiana. The sessions are relaxing and soothing, like a massage for your inner self. After just 2 Polarity sessions I felt more clarity about life decisions that were the source of my anxiety and I was able to make the decisions to move forward and make progress.” E.J.


“I have been doing Polarity Therapy with Christiana for about a year now, and it has become a very important part of my own self-care.” J.S.


“Christiana’s polarity therapy was a key component in rejuvenating my health.  Her calm presence, healing energies and guidance have made a difference!” L.V.


“Polarity therapy has helped me feel more balanced and peaceful. Christiana is an experienced practitioner and has really shown me the value of paying attention to what my body needs. After my polarity sessions, I can definitely feel the flow of energy throughout my body.” K.A.