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Christiana Kueting, Bluesky Well-Being, Discussing Polarity Therapy
Spa Tech Institute Schools of Polarity Therapy Massachusetts and Maine graduates talk about the Polarity Therapy training and RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies) and how they use it in their lives. Christiana is a  Polarity Therapist with a nursing background who gives a very clear explanation of the benefits of the work for massage therapists and nurses and others in the industry.


Polarity and RYSE work 
RYSE, Realizing Your Sublime Energies is advanced Chakra and Aura work that you can learn to do on yourself to prevent burnout. It is the basis of the programs offered at Spa Tech Institute in Maine and Massachusetts. Developed by Nancy Risley for massage therapists, polarity therapists and others in the healing profession, RYSE is equally valuable for people in all walks of life. Students, parents, business people, teachers and many others all benefit from having clear and aligned energy systems.

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