quote1quote2Bluesky helps clients achieve the next level of freedom, clarity, creativity,
joy and health.

Passion and Commitment


Bluesky Well-Being is committed to helping clients improve their health and their lives. By empowering people to clear their blockages and move forward with a sense of freedom, clarity and creativity, they will be better able to achieve their goals.

When we are “stuck” or in fear we hold ourselves hostage. By staying in situations that do not serve us, we surrender our power. Giving clients tools to get past these walls and connect to their inner truth is what drives Christiana’s passion for this work.

“I believe a healthy approach to life is one which nurtures and strengthens our relationships with ourselves and others, as well as our connection with nature and animals”.

The Bluesky Approach

Bluesky’s approach teaches clients to take over their healing process and manage their well-being. Bluesky combines Polarity Therapy and other modalities, including Enzyme Nutrition and Hypnosis, in customized programs that enhance clients’ health, well-being, and balance.

“My work is to facilitate the healing process and teach my clients to become their own healers.”


ChristianaAbout Christiana Kueting

Through her life journey, nursing career, and natural health education, Christiana has established Bluesky Well-Being as a successful and sought after practice. Her passion for life, compassion for people, and gift for healing each provide Christiana with a unique perspective on natural health care.

Christiana Kueting is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP); a RYSE Practitioner and RYSE Teacher (RPT3) and an instructor for Polarity and RYSE at Spa Tech Institute in Westborough. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT); a Consulting Hypnotist (CH); and educated in Quantum Touch, and Enzyme Nutrition.

Christiana was a nurse for over 12 years in her native Germany, caring for patients with chronic and debilitating diseases, specializing in lung disease, HIV, and AIDS, working in a progressive center that combined medical solutions with alternative medicines.

If you have any questions feel free to email info@blueskywell-being.com or call 508-330-4945. To book an appointment, book online or call us at 508-330-4945 or email us at info@blueskywell-being.com.